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19 May 2022

Morning Session: Overview - Framing

Session Topics:

  • How can Net Zero be achieved, and how to ensure all countries play their part?
  • What is the legacy of COP26 on the Energy Transition
  • How do we ensure society understands the full energy picture and the transition requirements?
  • What core competencies do companies need in the transition required?
  • What other factors should we be mindful of to ensure climate crisis mitigation?
  • How do we ensure the developed and developing worlds both play their part?

Afternoon Session: Sustainability

Session Topics

  • What does a sustainable energy future look like?
  • What are the latest developments in Energy Transition strategic minerals?
  • Is CCS really required, or is it being justified to prolong fossil fuels?
  • Can geothermal be a competitive solution?
  • How do we ensure sustainable clean baseload and adequate power-grids?
  • What is the best way to store energy?

The sustainability session aims to challenge and inspire on how we will ultimately secure a portfolio of net-zero carbon solutions. Climate change, country commitments and outcomes from COP26 demand pro-active and effective actions are taken by businesses, policy makers and individuals. Cross-collaboration is key. The panel discussions and presentations include perspectives from the petroleum industry, renewable sector and market analysts who will offer insights into a three-fold problem. How do we 1) reduce carbon dioxide emissions, 2) scale-up carbon capture and storage and 3) produce and store low-carbon energy? Together, these three themes seek to tackle the challenges facing the energy industry and society, but simultaneously realise low-carbon solutions that are achievable, adaptable and work.

20 May 2022

Morning Session: Digitalization

Session Topics:

  • How reliant will the ET be on AI and ML?
  • When will universities catch up to the new demands from the industry, such as coding skills?
  • How is digital accelerating the path to net zero?

Afternoon Session: Skills nad Capabilities

Session Topics

  • Will I be employable in an energy company with a geoscience degree?
  • Is my subject matter expertise sufficient; what other skills should I be learning?
  • How can we inspire future generations of geoscientists to become part of the solution?
  • How to better connect Government, Academia and Industry to meet the the geoscience skills gap?
  • Is academia ready to be nimble and move fast in these changing times?
  • How do I make myself marketable: specialize of diversify?

The “Skills & Capabilities” session will investigate what is required to meet the skills gap in a rapidly changing energy transition. Some of the avenues explored are: What will future careers in geoscience look like, across the demographic from student to upskilling experienced professionals?; What will be the key skills needed and how are these acquired? This will be looked at through the lens of three interrelated perspectives, Industry, Academia and Government, to provide a holistic view and to offer some solutions. To be flexible, adaptable and agile to change will undoubtedly underpin unlocking exciting new opportunities in geoscience!