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During the evening reception of the Energy Transition Forum, participants will be able to join activities and visit the Show and Tell area where our exhibitors and supporters will be showcasing a range of products, technologies and material of interest to them!

See below what you will be discovering at ETF


Getech helps countries and companies to manage their natural resources and energy infrastructure to assist in the delivery of a successful energy transition to a NetZero economy. We use our extensive geoscience and geospatial technology, data and skills to locate sustainable energy resources, de-risk and optimise their development, and deliver long-term economic production. Our focus is on scalable projects that can deliver meaningful impact across industries including oil and gas, strategic minerals, geothermal, green hydrogen, and carbon capture and storage. Getech is also using its data, technology, and skills to build its own portfolio of low-carbon assets.


The CMT brings together higher education institutes with world renowned industry expertise, delivering collaborative solutions to our the 21st centuries biggest challenge. By leveraging the latest technologies in remote, collaborative and social learning the Learning Hub is the CMTs bespoke online learning platform. Through the Learning Hub the CMT will provide courses, training programs as well as tailor made learning pathways to address the specific challenges of the energy transition. Supporting the key learning outcomes the Learning Hub will cultivate a online learning environment which engages students in open forums, blogs and knowledge sharing areas to create a community of energy transition specialists.


CGG is a global technology and HPC leader that provides data, products, services and solutions in Earth science, data science, sensing and monitoring. Our unique portfolio supports our clients in efficiently and responsibly solving complex digital, energy transition, natural resource, environmental, and infrastructure challenges for a more sustainable future.

We provide critical insight for key areas of focus for the energy transition, including CCUS, geothermal and critical minerals with our proven geoscience technology and expertise across digital sciences, geophysics, geology & engineering, satellite mapping and multiphysics. Our Earth Data library includes new global screening studies for Geothermal energy and lithium brines and a CCS screening study for the Norwegian North Sea.