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  • Pathways for Geoscientists in a Net-Zero Future

    19 - 20 May 2022 | London, UK

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  • Is the Energy Transition a risk or an opportunity for geoscience?
  • Which Energy Transition areas have the most growth potential?
  • How is digital accelerating the path to Net-Zero?
  • How big is the Energy Transition market?
  • What do I need for a job in the future?
  • How quick will the transition unfold and when do I need to be ready for Net-Zero?

Last 19 - 20 May 2022, AAPG and PESGB hosted the Energy Transition Forum 2022, in London. We are now pleased to distribute the summary report from the 2022 Forum' Pathways for the geoscientists in a net zero future'.

The summary report gathers the debates, presentations and discussions from committee, presenters and attendees around the main four topics of the event.

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ETF 2022 Committee

Max Henri Brouwers Max Brouwers Co-Chair Chief Business Development Officer GETECH The global energy sector is essential and massive. It provides a basic human need by investing $ 2 trillion per year. It is transitioning to face the challenge of delivering the world with more energy and doing so sustainable, by diversifying supply, transmission and storage methods. As the sector moves to this new reality, so will its workforce. Geoscience will remain core to deliver solutions for the energy transition with a wider spectrum of roles available for geoscientists, especially those who have multi-domain knowledge and maintain a learning mind-set.
David Gordon Quirk, PhD Dave Quirk Co-Chair Energy Transition Adviser DTU Offshore It is motivating to be involved in a forum designed to help professionals and businesses broaden their knowledge and expertise in the changing energy market. Traditional geoscientists have numerous transferrable skills and there is huge value in learning what renewable energy companies and related sectors may be looking for in future employees. This is where the AAPG-PESGB Energy Transition Forum can help • matching the enthusiasm to solve technical challenges with the pragmatic needs of the low-carbon power industry.
Lisa J. Rebora Lisa Rebora Committee Member SVP Emerging & Future Business Equinor This is a truly exciting time to be an geoscientist. The energy transition provides a unique opportunity for us to solve one of the most complex issues facing society: securing energy whilst reducing emissions. Achieving this goal requires cross-collaboration, transferable skills and clear communication by all participants. By working in this way towards a common goal, we as earth scientists fulfill a meaningful and highly relevant purpose, both today and in the future. For these reasons, the ETF aims to energize all stakeholders whilst strongly encourage future geoscientists that there has never been a better time to pursue a career in energy.
Arno van Den Haak Arno van Den Haak Committee Member Head Worldwide Business Development Oil & Gas Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Bernard Adrian Vining, PhD Bernie Vining Committee Member Fellow and Visiting Professor Royal Holloway, University of London I am honoured and delighted to be part of the Organising Committee of this important event. With a background in Industry and Academia, I have a strong interest in meeting the future skills gap as we accelerate into the Energy Transition; e.g. through establishing a “UK Energy Transition Centre for Master’s Training” (CMT). The challenges we face are global, and effective collaboration between Industry, Academia and Government is paramount to success.
Kahina Abdeli-Galinier Kahina Abdeli-Galinier Committee Member Emission Business Director Schlumberger
Joseph Court Joseph Court Committee Member Commercial Deal Lead Shell
Jonathan Rodgers Jonathan Rodgers Committee Member Associate Partner IBM
Sam Tilley Sam Tilley Committee Member Energy Transition - Market & Business Analyst (Digital & Integration) Schlumberger I’m extremely excited to be sitting on the ETF committee again this year, as I am deeply passionate about helping spread the message of how we can tangibly achieve global energy transition. The ETF takes great steps towards unpicking the complex and interconnected nature of what approaches, technologies and skills are required to ensure alignment with the Paris Climate Agreement and enable global climate neutrality by mid-century. This places a reliance on individuals, organizations and governments to adapt to the evolving energy mix. At Schlumberger, we have been actively developing new technologies and business opportunities to help facilitate this transition to a more sustainable future of energy, and I’m looking forward to hearing perspectives from the wide range of speakers lined up for this event.
Isabel Svea Edmundson Isabel Svea Edmundson Committee Member Senior Geologist Equinor ASA We are in a privileged position to shape the speed and context of the energy transition. To do this in the best possible way, there needs to be frank and creative discussion that includes technological, political, academic and industrial perspectives. The forum provides this very opportunity. I am excited to understand how, why and where we can accelerate the energy transition through panel discussions, presentations and audience participation. I hope the forum inspires current and future generations to play an active role in securing sustainable low carbon energy. Society and our climate demand this happens sooner rather than later!
Dariusz Piotrowski Dariusz Piotrowski Director, Global Solutions Development for Industrial Sector IBM