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  • A New Era
    for the Geoscientist

    4 – 5 November | Copenhagen, Denmark

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What is the role of the geoscientist in delivering the future of energy?

Can I realistically help and have a positive impact on the environment as a geoscientist?

Against a backdrop of increased understanding and clarity on the changing climate, and how a transition of the energy system plays a significant role in this challenge, the role of the geoscientist can feel uncertain when looking to the future.

What can the traditional energy industry bring to the table, from skills and cash flow to ideas and expertise? How can geoscientists with their unique and valuable position to unlock the subsurface best contribute to not only optimise remaining oil & gas production, but also tackle the intricate task of storing captured carbon, alongside working on complimentary clean energy sources?

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The 2019 forum provided deeper insight into what the energy transition entails and energised attendees on the potential it holds for geoscientists. A mix of students, business professionals academia discussed their views and a poll at the end of the event highlighted that their outlook was much more positive following the 2 days of presentations and discussions.

Join us in Copenhagen to further the debate!

Max Brouwers, AAPG Energy Transition Forum Chairman - VP Exploration Europe, Russia and the Caspian, Shell

Max Brouwers, ETF 2020 Chair

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Does the energy transition deliver real jobs for me as a geoscientist? How sustainable is a geoscience career?

As the world begins to shift to a carbon neutral and sustainable future, where does this leave the sustainability for geoscience careers? Beyond oil and gas exploration and production, where skills will certainly be required for decades to come, there are a number of surprising sectors in which a geoscientist could apply themselves within the energy industry.


Is digitalisation an evolution or a revolution? What is the geoscientist already doing differently?”

Geoscientists have been digital for over 20 years. With all the talk of ‘digitalisation’ in recent years, are we talking about the development of routine systems and applications currently in place or true disruption? It’s time to step beyond the jargon and understand how ways of working have already changed, where they will continue to change and how to capitalize on this.

Skills and Ways of Working

How do we ensure a supply of top talent pursuing geoscience career paths in the future? How do we equip graduates and staff with the skills & experiences needed to support all relevant stakeholders in the ongoing energy transition?

With change occurring in the sector at a greater and broader pace, the expectation on geoscientists is evolving. A solid grounding in fundamental subsurface principles will always be a key component for geoscientists. New recruits and experienced staff alike need to complete that grounding to approach challenges raised by the energy transition and digitalisation.

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