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The Energy Transition Forum is designed for anyone who wishes to contribute to a practical outline which supports the academic and practical development and ways of working for all geoscientists. But to prepare for all groups to be equipped with the skills necessary to embrace current and future opportunities, we need to consider:

• Young Professionals (New and existing) – What does the industry need to do to meet expectations in terms of skills development, motivation and career ambition?

• Generation X – What is the future role for existing experienced professionals, potentially with deep expertise and possibly individual contributors. Will roles change? What additional skills will be required? What will companies need to do to make the most of all talent available?

• Decision Makers – What decisions need to be taken and what kind of leadership do we expect realistically respond to stakeholder expectation?

• Educators – How will our teachers, trainers and mentors need to adapt in order to provide the next generation with the necessary skills, expertise and attitudes to provide a safe, reliable and sustainable industry.?